It takes a while to realise that life isn't straight
Why won't you fly.
suddenly i vanished
and i wonder if people noticed.

I tend to be slow at realising things, but i will figure it out anyway. I sometimes doubt the true intention of our existence on earth but i will naturally give up thinking. I will be happy if i see you smile so do smile more. :)

You fill me up with happiness
by your funny little smile

i don't know for sure
where this is going

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Yi Yan

don't promise me forever
just love me day by day

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Deadlines (Sunday, April 24, 2011 / 8:55 AM)

hello :D -I flash you an award winning smile-

Its 12 am Monday Morning and i have not started revising my ACE test which is due like 3.30pm today. I have go to start on my math file and math assignment which is due 8.00am TODAY.

Oh gosh, i have no idea why i am still here.

You know, this world is very complicated. Its one complicated network of shit tangled up altogether. Sometimes we question the philosophy of life but when we get this close to an answer, (imaging a small marginal space) we lose it again. There arent model answers to most of the things we qonder about the world but somehow, we just know it.

So instead of thinking about the big things in life, how about just starting witht he small ones?



(Sunday, April 10, 2011 / 6:34 AM)

-.- . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Thanks for listening.

Life has to go on (Monday, April 4, 2011 / 8:38 AM)

Time waits for no one, Life has to go on. You know, i realised that it is really pointless to drag on about how badly i am doing in all my tests and everything or feeling really angry and disappointed with myself when other people seem to be doing so well. I cam to a conclusion that it all boils down to me and how because i don;t work hard thus my slipping grades. Therefore, i don't really have the right to complain about my horrible life about studies, SC etc. Everyone seems to have moved on from that phase of that juvenile life of complaining and are now currently successful in their lives except for me. I need to device a plan, a plan to succeed. X: How about deleting my facebook account for a start? Although that might mean permenant isolation from the rest of the world. Or maybe i can organise study dates with my friends! They always gove me motivation to study. O: and i can always ask them form help when i need it. Okay, friends on the list: Pamela, ST, Zhi Yan, and all the other 2K girls! O: Draw out a timeline for myself and make sure i stick by it! Okay thats a start! I know somewhere deep inside of me, even after writing this post, i will still feel some tinge of sadness in me and believeing that it is all too late to start now. But i am still willing to try. I guess i will have to live with a GPA of 2.93 this time round and try harder next time. It is not easy... and i am not saying that i will succeed but i will try. Go for it! :)

I wonder. (Saturday, February 12, 2011 / 8:01 AM)

I dont know how to do things that other people do I am never given the chance to I never really had the chance to prove something out of myself. or gotten to try doing the things i cannot do. I wonder if it is really just me, or maybe i just need a little bit of luck, to turn my fate around. I wonder what it takes, to let me stand out from the rest. I reallly dont. I wonder what will happen when i give up. Maybe i should. Or how it feels to persist. What if i succeed.I think i will just lay around a little while more. And wait for something to happen. With just a bit of luck.

on a quest (Thursday, February 10, 2011 / 6:29 AM)

AW, Endoplasmic Reticulum. Somehow, i miss your lessons.


Today was such a tiring day. School is really stressful and i mean it. I don't get how my class is like god-like smart when i am so downright stupid. I will fail all my quizzes and not doing homework when i am supposed to do. Not like i even remember i have homework to do. -.-

Anways, adding on to the misery i face in school, Jap class today was the most horrible, embarressing yet maybe good in the long run lesson i have every attented.

Transferred class to a later one. Was so embarressing when she chased us out when gen and i made the effort to come one-time for class today.

It is really quite and interesting story actually. Gen and i decided to be early for Jap class so we were eating like cows (courteousy of gen) and rushing through our food. Then with the power of our long legs, we flew like superwomen all the way to Mountbatten MRT hahah. We overtook like one whole flock of boys and Jin Heok. It was really tiring man though good exercise!

It was very exciting actually having a goal in mind. It was like we were on a quest for some really important task and we need to reach moelc on a deadline and we were both really anthu about it.

In the end we really made it in time but kimiko told us we couldent stay on in that class anymore. Thus, we went to some other class. The teacher is better that kimiko at least but time passes really slowly in class and he checks homework. I havent done jap homework in 2 years. Oh my...

The class is really different from kimiko's class. Everyone there is like really clever and i bet they study real hard. Its quite sad that we dun have benjamin gl-ling the teacher every second or kimiko flirting with him. I even miss shin min's shin min-ness. Its really not the same feeling when we dont have dunmanians in our class.

I need to study for phsics test!

Why am i so slow. I wonder why.

Just hang on (Thursday, January 20, 2011 / 4:58 AM)


If i listen to BEAUTIFUL MONSTER ONE MORE TIME. I swear i will kill whoever who invented the 'sick of it' feeling.

Today was supposed to be a really good day of a horrible week. Cause its a THURSDAY. And THURSDAYS are supposed to be fun because school starts at nine instead of 8. But turns out it wasn't as great as i hoped it would be.

School is really giving me a lot of stress now. Not because of the mountain load of homework we have but of the syllabus. I am really confused in class because i don't really understand everything the teacher is trying to painstakingly explain. Its just that the exitement for school has just begun to diminish slowly and than fade away into nothingness.

Plus i have gotten really lazy nowofdays so guess what. I havn't done any homework in the last FOUR DAYS. I keep giving myself excuses like i should sleep early or that piece of homework is not due until the day after. More of these excuses and i will be handing up blank pages staint with red ink which reads a big fat F.

I wish i can hurry up and make much more friends from 3F then at least i will be able to suvive this torturous nightmare.

CHINESE NEW YEAR PLEASE COME SOON! I want to start sprind cleaning and having reunion dinners with my family! Its going to be so festive i can hardly wait. RED RED RED thats our new colour for the week guys! :)


Blooming flowers (Thursday, January 13, 2011 / 5:09 AM)

The stress is really coming in now that we are in sec three. Its like seeing your friends silently trying to finish up their homework without you. It gives me alot of stress as i wonder what happened to all the fun and slack together mode?

Today i had lunch together with 2K again and i felt like i truly was home. :) Whenever i see them, i can help but feel happiness fill me up all the way to the brim and overflowing. I can smile non stop foolishly like an idiot and not feel embarressed about it because they all know me too well and i don;t have to be shy around them.

Ming Yu booed me in the canteen today and i was so overwhelmed with nostalgia i almost cried. I learnt that Alvin gained 7kg over the holidays, Valen grew over 180, st cut her hair, pamela grew prettier etc. Oh but enough of the past and into the present.

I am slowly starting to open myself up to my friends in 3F with an ocassional politeness and courteousy. I wish i can laugh my LUNGS out with them and do silly things infront of them without being embarressed or them looking down on me. I hope we don't just give each other fake smiles, say hello and walk away. My new friends are really good people. As long as we warm our hearts to each other, i am sure we will be the best of friends.

I think i can really be myself when i talk to benjamin. I dunno why, just a thought.

Its okay to be afriad. Just take the first step.

(Saturday, December 18, 2010 / 8:27 AM)

Went out walking the streets of Orchard Road today! Actually our main purpose was to go and support the band performance but missed it-.-
Saw Pamela and Wei Rong though! I doubt Yohanes saw me.
Anyws, Orchard Road is super packed with people! It was very hard getting seats in the food court. ALot of people keep staring angrily at all the other 'competitors' fighting for seats. A scary experience.
Thank goodness i am tall or i would have suffocated in the sea of "Odour free" people. haha, joking!
Basically, we just walked and ate and shop and then ate again. An endless journey of food paradise. haha! :)
Got back my guzheng results.

ICHIGO DAIFUKU (Sunday, December 12, 2010 / 8:26 AM)


Basically, my holiday is spent sleeping, TV, slacking, eating and family outings.

Yesterday, my aunt stroke lottery and treated us to dinner at SUSHI TEI with both my ahma and waipo! It was really funny and enjoyable dinner because my dad keeps cracking jokes with my aunt and getting high, most probably because of the sakae. lol, the food is really delicious so you guys should go there one day. I recommend Hotate Tamago Don. :)

My family went out today, again. haha, to Plaza Sing to watch NARNIA. Reached there at like 1 plus and booked the 7pm show. Went to eat lunch and the realised that there was ALOT OF TIME TO KILL. omg, it was very bad. We walked and walked. I though my back was going to snap into two. Other that the fact that it was tiring, i had fun. We went to Daiso the $2 shop man! lol, i love that shop. Then went browsing for papa's shoes. His feet is too big, gotta get ITALIAN. woooh. Stopped over at Ah Kuns for tea break mmm then continued walking again.
Soon, the father and the children got tired while the mother continued window shopping. Therefore, we separated. While my mum shopped, my dad and i plus yy and xy just sat at a bench and stoned. It was an hour to the show.

Met up with my mum and set off to Cathay for the movie. Bought Nachos Combo too! :D The show was nice, a good way to end off a family outing.

So i have been watching alot of youtube videos recently and came across this channel 'Cooking with dog'. haha, its a cooking tutorial on Japanese Cuisines. I was blown away by it because the video was really well made. Also, i started thinking how Japanese okashi (snacks) are so much less sugary or fattening than the usual bakes like cakes, brownies etc. Therefore, i decided to try it out! This dessert is called Ichigo Daifuku いちご大福, (strawberry red bean mochi).

Made the red bean paste and mochi skin right from scratch! I felt a great rush of accomplishment when i finished it. It was great finally learning how mochi is made. The end result turned out great, yeap it was a fun experience trying to stop the mochi from sticking. I recommend it to people who want to bake while getting the whole family to bond. :D

Took some pictures, enjoy!

When will i learn (Saturday, November 20, 2010 / 7:31 AM)

STUPID CURSED CHEESE BRAIN. I lost my ezlink card AGAIN. YES, FOR THE THIRD TIME. -.- I cant stand myself, losing things over and over again. When will i learn. :(

Anyws, you all should really go ans watch 'What happens in Vegas'. I promise it is a really great movie acted by Cameron Diaz. 'Frozen' is also a nice movie cause i was at the edge of my seat the whole time. It is really heart wrenching haha. I can't imagine real humans getting eaten by wolves. O.O There isn't really a story plot and it is a cheap production as qupted by st's aunt but its quite thrilling and touching so i recommend it to all you guys out there. :)

Moving on, KC carnival was a total let-down. not that its boring or anything, it was really good. Everything was interesting and well thought out. But i just din;t enjoy myself that much probably cause i just felt like sulking all day. Took 196 to Parkway and met up with my mum.

Went to Shan Yin then. lol, cui lao shi is really good. She can hear wrong notes even if it is just one. I admire her. :))

Overall today i was in a bad mood cause of many things, Gosh, hope things can change for the better. Keeping my fingers crossed! Go for it man!